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Tell Us Your Details and Needs

  • The main attractions you would like to see.
  • The number of days in your tour.
  • The types of accommodation you would like to use.
  • The number of people in your group.
  • The type of car you would like.

We Organize It

  • We create an itinerary for your tour.
  • We make all the necessary reservations.
  • We arrange all the necessary camping gear.
  • We constantly communicate the details of the tour with you, and make changes according to your personal preferences.

We Greet You on Arrival

  • When you arrive in Oman, we greet you at the airport.
  • We hand over to you the details and documents of your tour in an easy to read packet.
  • We brief you about your tour, and listen to any last minute requests that you may have.

Start Your Tour

  • We lend you a telephone and provide you with the company’s contact numbers.
  • We deliver your car to you and give you the keys.
  • We wish you a fantastic holiday as you begin your Self Drive Tour!

Make Your Trip Your Own

  • We can arrange the tours to suit your specific needs.
  • We can organize guided convoys where you drive a car but follow a guide in their car.
  • We can organize desert and mountain crossings.
  • We can prepare camp sites and bivouacs.